Coleco Cleaning Products is a professional trading company founded in 1922, which provides reliable cleaning products of the highest quality for manufacturers in the industrial field of aviation & aerospace.

Located in the Netherlands, Coleco Cleaning Products is the distributor for Brulin & co inc in Mainland Europe. Brulin creates the world’s best process detergents for both spray washing and ultrasonic systems and agitated immersion tanks. The products are designed for precision cleaning methods that are approved for aerospace, automotive, medical, military, nuclear and premier engineering facilities. All products for the EU-market are being produced strictly in compliance with the latest REACH regulations.

As Coleco is the European Distributor for Brulin since 1998, we combine the best of two worlds:

"Brulin continuously offers innovating solutions for cleaning and maintenance professionalism in the precision and engineering industry"

"Coleco can provide smart and cost-efficient logistic solutions for our customers. As such, fast deliveries anywhere in Europe and high level customer service are guaranteed."